Life Changing Loaf

The PlumbTalk Team is pleased to welcome this month's guest blogger Julie Daniluk! Julie is a best selling author and co-host of the reality show "Healthy Gourmet." She is most certainly a wealth…

Advocating for Yourself, and Your Paycheck, in the Workplace

“I’m sorry. I wish I could give you a raise, but our budget is frozen until the end of the year.” Sound familiar? This is a typical canned response…

The Wedding Invitation

Interview at the Palm Beach Film Festival 2016

We had some amazing conversations we had at the Palm Beach International Film Festival. Our interview with the producers of The Wedding…

Only Way Out Is Through"

We often use a windowless white room as a metaphor for death. Some people imagine such a room to be peaceful, while others find it fills them with feelings of dread or fear.

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