Four Ways Laughter Truly is the Best Medicine with Judy Carter

We’ve all heard the cliché “Laughter is the best medicine,” but what if it isn’t a cliché at all? What if laughter is the key to combatting not only stress but…

Breaking Up is Hard to Do…on Social Media

It used to be the worst part of a breakup was the actual breakup. Sure, you might have gotten your heart broken when the guy you met at the bookstore and dated for…

Love What You Do or Do What You Love?

It seems as if everywhere I look these days people are telling others to follow their passion. That’s amazing. Phrases like “do what you love,” and “if you are doing…

The Pink Elephant

I have many fond memories growing up. My brother and I were very close, just years difference between us. Reflecting back there are many stories we chuckle about. My…

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